Put Yourself First

Put Yourself First

Human beings are interesting in nature. Some people dedicate their life for others and others never bother about
others. The later groups of people always like to think about themselves and act like an individualist. For these
kinds of people putting themselves first is the best available option and they always stick with this. Normally we
put into bad category. There is been a hesitation over this category because the question arises being putting
oneself first is always a bad option. We if justify the reality on the basis of present world then the answer
should be no.

The present world is a ruthless one. Everyone has a tendency to squash others under his or her feet and go
ahead. This is kind of a competition. Those people who tend to help others are regarded as good person, that is
completely ok, but some people try to take advantage of it. They consider these guys as simple and foolish human
being who can easily be betrayed. They underestimate the good people and keep mocking them. To give a perfect
answer to this nonsense, putting oneself first is essential.

The notion of putting ourselves first is being instilled in us by the surroundings. It is a part of being
competitive. Life makes us do it. But everyone should have a blending of two sides, helpful and putting ourselves
first. We have to flexible and react according to the situation. It is wise option because in this earth people
hardly can live without each other’s cooperation. Indirectly or indirectly may be, but we are all interdependent.
If people all the time try to put themselves first, then would be a great chaos in the society and it will become
very difficult to deal with this. So we all should try to balance our behavior and be rational all the time.

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