Negative People Shield

Negative People Shield

We all like to have people around us who are more or less of the same instinct. But it’s rare to find this type
of match. In a broad sense, human beings can be divided into two categories- good and bad. These two words may
sound so simple but these are not that simple ones. A great philosopher said that, every one of us has both bad and
good in us. The probability of the exposure determines whether we are good or bad. Sometimes it seen that, a bad
guy is transforming a good guy like him and vise versa. So shield for negative people plays an essential role in
nullify the behavior.

In most cases, the process of altering behavior starts with vicarious learning which is also observed behavior
learning. This learning process depends on three factors, the characteristics of the model and the modeled
behavior, the characteristics of the person who is observing the model and the characteristics of the consequences
had the model has experienced. When you tend to follow an individual who has negative attitudes, bad habits etc
negative sides, then you are going to do as they do, though those are not good. You are doing this because; you
have no shield created inside against the odds. You are likely to be a less confident and less experienced person
who has little knowledge about the real life.

The whole process depends on the knowledge about the world, the education not just bookish one, here education
represents gathering experience from the surroundings, self belief, self esteem and confidence. You have to be sure
about every step. Life can be uncertain but not you. You have to believe in your gut feelings and stop listening to
others. Only after these, you can have a command over the situation and then you can manipulate it.

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