Increase Eye Contact

Increase Eye Contact

Eye contact is very important for a man. If a person is unable to do it then one thing can say to him that, you
never can be prospering in life. Yes, I eye contact this really important like this. No one in this world is able
to catch other attention without eye contact. So, in all sectors whether it is in business, education or in social
relationship the most important things is eye contact to your audience.

Now lets find out how a person can increase the eye contact. Before this we need to know why a person is unable
to increase eye contact. The main reason is fear. The people have lots of fear on giving eye on others. They are so
nervous, and sometimes they feel guilty to give their eyes on other. Shyness is another reason behind this problem.
Some people are feeling so shy to look others. Another possible cause could be social restriction. It is found as
the reason in many areas of the world. The cause is for social restriction people are not ruled to see others. When
this behavior rose from the childhood that is attached with the behavior of the person.

Now, its time to talk that how a person can increase the eye contact. The way is a great way to increase the eye
contact and that is increase the confident. Until and unless a person is swimming in the sea of fear they get the
power of give the eye on others. Next is the person should need practice this. We all know that the hardest thing
is to change in the world that is behave and when the behave turns into like not to give the eye on others, then it
is hard to change it, the only way to change it is to practice it for long.

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