I’m OK You’re OK

I’m OK You’re OK

I’m OK, You’re ok is one of the bestselling book of this world which was written by Thomas A Harris. It gives us
lots practical direction. Those direction are to transaction Analysis. These books are telling the story about
solving the problems of the life. This book was published in 1969.

Let’s talk about the contents of the book. On the very beginning preamble, the writer of the book praises, the
new process of Transactional Analysis, which is also known as TA. The writer of the book also referred that as
P-A-C. This is a process which very easily accessible. It is accessible in a a way as if very ordinary people also
can access in this process.

This book gives us different model for different people. He mainly divided his targeted people into three
category, which are parents, adult, child. The model (P-A-C) is coming from there. The writer of the book
identified the parents as a tape recorder. He referred the parents as the most influential person. After the
parents the most influential people for the child are adults who are living around him. the writer said that these
children has some internal recording system by which the child record whatever is happening outside the world.
Specially the behave of their parents. Most behave of parents children are adopting from then. After the parents
they start to learn the behave of the adult people who are living around him.

This book also tells us about the four life positions. The title of the article I’m ok, you’re ok, also the name
of the book tells us about the four different conditions of life.

These are-
I’m Not OK, You’re OK
I’m Not OK, You’re not OK
I’m OK, You’re not OK
I’m OK, You’re OK.

All of these telling some story some condition of human life.

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