How to Say Sorry

How to Say Sorry

Human can make mistake, it is not a matter unknown matter to all. The reason is human are not robot, the
accuracy of the work so not as accurate as the machine. So, somehow a person can make mistake it is a normal
matter. But the problem creates when a person makes the mistake but not like apologize to the victim. It is a very
bad habit of some people. It makes the things so critical. Sometime these people do not apologize for their own
wish but for most of the time what happen that these people do not know how to apologize.

As the topic it is the very common problem that people are not aware that how a person can go to the victim and
say that he is sorry for that. The first problem in this type of condition is that the guilty person feels shy. It
happens most of the time. These people who feel shy, for them to say sorry the person needs to break to shyness. He
needs to understand the reality. In some other cases it is also found that a person do not like to go for say sorry
, because of he is afraid, that may be the victim can attack on him. In these types of problem the guilty person
may talk with the victim by some other way. Like telephone or by sending message.

Another problem happens when the guilty person does not know how to deliver the speech of sorry to the victim.
Some people may be say this sorry from heart but may be in rude voice, then it should not be help the guilty person
to express his words properly. A person must need to talk politely to say sorry to the victim, as if understand you
are really sorry for them.

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