Dont Take it Personally

Dont Take it Personally

Human beings are social creatures. In everyday life they have many conversations, exchanges of feelings. During
this mistakes are common. And it is not possible for everyone to talk which will always make sense. They sometimes
make fun of serious stuffs and can not understand the heaviness of the situation. It is their fault and it should
not be done. But you should avoid yourself of taking everything personally because it will just keep bothering you.
The same mistake can be done by one of your friends or dear ones. So you start taking all he things seriously, then
you might end up with bad relationship with your near ones.

To be practical, it is not possible to take like a sensible person because it is related with rationality to
some point. When people are having fun, there will no presence of rationality and if you keep treating all the
stuffs seriously then the real purpose of having fun will go away because for most of the times the real purpose of
having fun is talking irrelevant. That is what fun is all about. If you keep practicing the behavior of taking all
the stuffs personally, then soon you will be thrown out in a world of robots where just rationality prevails and
nothing else.

This particular kind of behavior can make you completely isolated from the society. If you do not like any
certain behavior, then address it; let the other person know why you do not like it and make the reason clear to
him/her. Do not get outrageous over trivial matters and make yourself look like a stupid. There are many people
around us who keep doing the same error of taking unnecessary things seriously and react over these. It is also
psychologically harmful. So be patient and be sensible.

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