Don’t Be Taken for Granted

Don’t Be Taken for Granted

There are some people out there who are kind hearted, who like to help others whatever takes and they bet on
their happiness for others. People admire this particular category, they even praise them. But when it comes about
their necessity they will not leave anything. They use that particular category of people to fulfill their need.
They treat them like a doormat which is there to follow the order. Some people will always be there to squash you
under their feet, and by using you, will reach the pinnacle of success. You will be left with nothing.

It will be a sheer stupidity to sacrifice you completely for others except some near ones. Wherever you go, you
need instill the motto deep inside you and work according to and the motto says- you are completely alone in this
earth. There is actually no one out there to help you. So you also need to be focused that, no one can take you
grated. To do this, you need to follow some constantly redefined rules, some of these rules are- be passionate and
also aggressive. Do not let others to take over you easily. Always be precise and stick to the core point. Make
others hear your opinion and make them belief that you are the right person.

Be helpful but do not make it a habit. Because then others will depend on you even if they can do it by theirs
elves. Take charge of them and command over them. If they go wrong in anything, do not hesitate to point it out.
Brand yourself by showing what you are capable of. Be flexible. Understand the situation and based on this modify
your behaviors. If the situation demands to be helpful, then be helpful and if the situation demands to be
ruthless, so be it. Be ethical and be rational.

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