Be Less Critical

Be Less Critical

Be a critical a common problem of many people of our society. They are just arguing on the basis
of their thinking whatever it is right or wrong. They do not mind if it is helpful for others or not. This critical
can do any harm to anyone for their own good. These people never says the real thing to other, just make the thing
complicated to complicate. These people are not respected by anyone. Everyone just hates them. They live almost
alone in the society but still they do not have any problem about this because they are busy in criticize other

Now lets see how these people make problems in our society. First of they make our relationship
with friends and family so critical. Sometimes they make this so serious that people do not have any other way
without break the relationship. They make the interaction between all of the people so hard.

For this critical people if they want to be normal if they want they can do, but for that they
need to follow some steps. First of all a person needs to do that is making his mentally strong as if he can keep
himself way from criticize others. They need to understand what they are telling; they should need to give enough
respect to others and their comment and also their views. They must need to wait for others words. These critical
people are not honest. They tell false to others and make everything critical. So these people who like to have
less criticality in them self they need to be honest. They must not use their energy in thinking of criticize
other. It is a useless work and helps to increase presser in brain. So they need to lose this behave.

Finally one important thing need to say that until the critical does not want to change his
behavior no one can change it. So, it is important to make them understand how worst the problem really is.


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