Accepting Compliments

Accepting Compliments

Accepting compliments means accept any kind of compliments by a person about any type of work of that person. It
is common scenarios of every society that after the work by anyone other people who are may be friends may be
colleague throw some comments about the work.

If the compliment is good enough then there is no problem but if the compliment is not good enough then it is
quite hard to accept it. Whoever sends the message as compliant if that is not positive then the message which is
come as compliment is not like by the person for whom it comes for.

Now lets find why a person does not like to accept bad compliment. A persons common believe or likeness is that
he is perfect in sector or the work he does that good enough. The reason behind this kind of thinking is that it is
very hard for a person to identify his own problem. Another think is that person never like to hear anything about
him which is bad or not good enough because they think that attacks in their prestige and pride.

Now lets find how a person can accept others compliment and when they hearing the compliment how will they
react. First thing is to build the mentality as like as if he can accept the others compliment. For this which is
important that is to take the compliment positively. How they will do that? The way is take the negative compliment
as medicine for solve the problem. Next thing is this compliment will make him aware to dont do the same problem

Lets find out the way a person will take the compliment. The first way is when someone giving the compliment
then takes that with a smile. Never give any comment over the compliment. And after hearing the compliment properly
give thanks to person politely.

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