Nursing Home Guilt

Nursing Home Guilt

There are some situations when people need to take a number of harsh decisions that they never do in a typical
scenario. The situation forces them to make the decisions and continue with those ones. As these situations are not
the intended ones, it usually creates depression among them. It becomes very much impossible to revive their normal
course of life after that decision is being made. The sense of guilt about nursing home is something like that.

In most of the developed countries, there is tradition going on in which people sent their near ones to a
nursing home due to some unavoidable reasons. Most of them are forced by the real life situation to take this kind
of cruel decisions. They are left with no option other than this. The most common scenario is, people sending their
parents to nursing home. In some cases this is an ethical and wise decision, but in other ones, this is not
accepted. There are many people who send their near ones, such as the old parents to the nursing home as they can
not take full care of them. It is really impossible for them to give the parents enough time, as in this stage of
life; the parents need special care and much more attention than any other time in the past. So the child considers
it as the best option to send them to a good nursing home where they will be taken care of nicely. This type of
people fall into deep depression and it keeps ruining their life. For getting rid of it, they do many things, but
at the end of the day, they can not stop regretting for the decision.

Some other individuals send their near ones to the nursing home without any significant reason. This is totally
unethical and selfish. So whatever decision you take, are sensible, be submissive and be logical.

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