Losing a Friend

Losing a Friend

Through our whole lifetime many incidents take place, which are never expected. These experiences shatter our
life into pieces and it become very much difficult to recover from it. No matter how much we try to forget these
incidents these keep haunting us all the time. Losing a friend is like this. A friend is the most important part of
a person’s life. A friend is someone who is the dearest one, whom with we share our feelings, in front whom we
can be the most stupid guy in this earth but they will not have any problem about. A friend is a guide and
sometimes a mentor also. He or she is the closest of all.

Sometimes life gets so cruel that they take the friend away from us. It is utterly shocking and unexpected. We
hardly ca bear the pain. At first it seems to be rather a cruel joke, but after a while when we are in a state to
comprehend the situation we begin to realize that, what we have lost. We want to replace his or her life with us
just to bring them back. Life instantly becomes a blank pot for us where we hardly can breathe. Our breathing seems
to be stopped. We become so lonely that life appears to be a curse for. Most of the times we act like insane and it
become a routine.

During this each and every moment becomes seems to be a long period for us. There is been a halt on time. After
all of these life goes on. We tend to rebuild the life. We start for a new journey and gather all the stuffs. Life
never gives u she chance to stop. We all have to start it all again, but deep into our heart we keep thinking of
the lost ones.

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