Homesickness is a very common problem all over the world. Homesickness is a type of problem where are person
feel so much attraction about the home, thats why are not willing to leave the house. The people who has this
problem they are not able to understand the problem until they do not leave the home. Only when a person face the
separation from the home they understand they caught by homesickness which has another name and that is

There are several factors are playing very important role in homesickness. The first things are could be age. In
different research it found that the people who is under the age of 18, specially the child they have more
homesickness than anyone else. The next thing is gender. Still it is a matter of great discuss and research that is
it really effective reason or not. But in area based, there are some difference have found. Like the Turkish people
have more homesickness than anyone else.

In this current world, there are also many research has done on this. It is found many other reasons like love
on some people or the country does not allow the person to leave the home. It is a matter of homesickness.
Homesickness also can be come from anxiety, depression. Fear about new culture is also another reason of this
problem. Some people have the fear that they do not have the ability to adopt in different culture. That’s why
three do not want to leave their home.

Now these people who has this problem they are facing lots of problem. The first problem is in the job sector
they will not found any promotion, they do not know about other culture. To overcome this problem they need to
remove the fear about the other culture for this they should need to go for hypnosis and these types of

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