Funeral Calm

Funeral Calm

When a baby come in this world, which is the most pleasant moment, at that time all around is making sound and
also when a person leave all of us that moment is full with silent. This is the real picture of this world.

A death is not only leaving a person from the world, it is something more. It means a person is leaving from his
wife, his children, his family and his society. It is easy thing to imagine. But it is true that it must be happen
one day. The person who is leaving if may be so much popular to the people. So, at that moment all the people
cannot talk. Some people are totally shocked so they cant say anything. Some people dont find any word to say. Some
people may be thinking about the experience of him with the person. Some people can?t stop to crying. That is why a
funeral program is always clam and quite.

What we discuss in upper at is become the social system. It is some like, that it is the rule of society. So it
happens that an unknown may goes to a funeral program but he normally does not talk more. The person keeps himself
clam and quite as others.

Some people are, especially very emotional people are not able to face this type of condition. It mainly happens
to the children. Although they do not understand what is happening but this clam and quite condition of all the
people can give a black spot in the mind of those children. So, before go into these program parents need to think
for second time. It is also true that a person it is not good to break the clam condition of funeral program but he
may takes some steps to remove the black clouds which comes in their mind for this program.

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