Stop and Smell the Roses

Stop and Smell the Roses

The Almighty has blessed us with a number of stuffs which we do not consider to be that much significant. These
make our life meaningful, beautiful and by comprehending we can make sense of our life. Life seems to be the most
beautiful one when we possess those things. It completely removes all the dirt of our mind and helps us to get over
the ill feelings. We hardly can ignore the effects of it in our life. The size and the availability of these do not
even matter, what matters most is that are we able to recognize these gifts of the Almighty or not.

Roses are may be the most wonderful gift from the Almighty for us. It is the symbol of beauty. It is needed in a
number of aspects in our life. When we have to inaugurate something new we are most likely to use roses. When we
propose the most beloved ones here we also take help of a rose. And when we are in trouble to convince them, rose
plays the trickiest part. It can change the mood instantly by its appearance. When we smell a rose a sense of
beauty works into us and we are bale to comprehend the world in a whole new manner.

Roses can be also a symbol of reviving. The reviving is been done from the odds of life. Sometimes our lives are
brought to a halt for our own misdeeds. We loose our beloved ones and our life is been shattered into pieces. In
these cases, smelling the rose can give us the revival power. We can have the power to fight with all the odds of
life and challenge the uncertainties of life. We can try to make the life as beautiful as a rose and wash off all
the dirt form the heart.

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