Seize the Day

Seize the Day

Seize the day generally means to seal off a day just for enjoyment purpose. This first paced world has almost
made us machine. We have a schedule fixed for seven days where gets the least of the portion. Everyday after a lot
of stresses when we get home we have nothing left in us. We are been exhausted and wear out. Life becomes so boring
that we may also think to run away from. But it is impossible to do it. What we can do is, alter the daily
schedule. Sometimes we should seize the day.

To do it is better to come up with something which is enjoyable for us. These can be taking a long drive,
hanging out wind friends, going out for dinner and much more. The way of seizing the day depends on an individuals
personal choice and taste. These are occasional and a person who is planning to do this must keep in mind that what
he or she is trying to do, must give him or her immense pleasure. Otherwise it will not be worthy of arranging all
the stuffs.

For some workaholic people seize a day may seem to be sheer wastage of time. But practically it is not. It wash
off all the tiredness, monotony and stresses of life ad give the life a new look. It increases an individual’s
productivity and fills him or her with completely new spirit. This spirit drives people energetic rest of the time
and keeps them cheerful. Life is already full with loads of loads and chaos, seizing a day makes it arranged and we
are more likely to be motivated by this. Life is not that big, so we should try to make it more meaningful and
enjoyable rather than making it a boring one.

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