See the World

See the World

This world is full of wonder. It will be very difficult to found an individual who have actually seen one fourth
of this earth properly. For many reasons it is not easy to enjoy the whole world. But it does not mean that we
should not try to have a look of it. What we can do is to initiate a process to see the world. We can start it from
our next door. It can be surely said that, most of the people do not know what is right in front of their

Seeing the world is very essential because it is part of knowledge. It widens our mind and gives us an
exceptional fulfillment. Without the urge of watching this world, a person is completely blank. We will be able to
learn a lot of stuffs if we get to see the world because nature is the best mentor. If we act like an obedient
student then we are more likely to be rewarded and the reward will be the knowledge of the world which we will
never learn in any educational institution. This knowledge has no boundary and the more we consume it the more the
thirst for it will increase.

By seeing the world we will be able to meet new culture and new people. We will be the one, who will tend set
triumph all over the world by our determination, willpower and believe. There are many people who are great with
the formal knowledge, they have read a lot of books but at point of time they feel blank inside them, it happens
just because of the lack of seeing the world. Seeing the world does not necessarily mean that we need to have a
plane and then a trip round the globe. It means taking the feel of the surroundings.

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