No Regrets

No Regrets

Regret- this single word means a lot in many peoples lives. This word weighs much more than it sounds. It is
something that can even change a whole course of life. On the basis of regretting, we the divide the human being
broadly into three categories; firstly, the people who never step back to regret if that is required. The second
group of people regret for anything, even they keep regretting for trivial matters. And the third category of
people, never regrets, even though they are required to do this, they do not bother about it.

The whole regretting thing depends on the under lying situation from it was started. There are some sensible
people out there who like to acknowledge their mistake and regret for that. They are ration human being who take
action according to the situation. Neither they do regret without any reason nor are they the stubborn ones who
never regrets even if it is required. There is another category of people regret for trivial matters. It is not
that important to them. They can regret even before others without any reason. It indicates their low personality
and the low significance level of regret to them. For these types of people, regret is nothing but a formality.

Apart from these two categories, some people do not have the regret sort of things inside them. They will never
regret no matter what happens. For them regret is just a junk thing which is never necessary under any
circumstances. Sometimes it is good from psychological perspectives, the people who regret excessively may get
depressed over minor matters. They make life as like as they are prisoners who have to report again and again. So
it depends on the mental and the circumstances whether having regret is worthy or not.

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