Meaning of Life

Meaning of Life

This question of Meaning of Life is related with our origin, our purpose in this world, life hereafter. With the
evolution of science and the doctrines of materialism, people try to eliminate the idea of God and answer the above
question thereby. But in the process, the transcendent purpose behind life is ignored. The hard works, efforts,
evil deeds, compassion everything seems to be in vain. It also rules out the notion of life after death.
Pessimistic people have developed this system of belief based on naturalism and relativism where the life herein is
the ultimate on.

This question can?t be answered by the wisdom of human but the Almighty God Himself. The concept of God
eliminates all the so-called materialism prevailing in society. It is based on a set of rules and standards
distinguishing the ultimate right and wrong. It’s the choice of individual whether they want to live the life with
no purpose or they seek for the absolute cause. The rules and laws assigned by the God rule out all other values
and moral set by the individual.

Some major regions answered the question from their respective perspective. Muslims believe that the ultimate
goal of life is the afterlife that’s expanded to eternity. Allah will judge everyone on the Judgment Day and reward
or punish the individuals accordingly. Catholics believe that the life is meant for the preparation of death during
the entire lifetime. Death is recognized as a pathway to the eternal life with God rather than a horrible
experience. Buddhists believe that the circle of life will be repeated. Death will be followed by rebirth. The
cycle is eternal unless the individual is able to break it. The teachings of Buddha can ensure an escape. Hindus
Believe in reincarnation and the state in the new life will be decided based on the previous life.

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