How to Enjoy Your Holidays

How to Enjoy Your Holidays

A holiday is a day designated as having special significance for which individuals, a government, or a religious
group has deemed that observation is warranted. It is generally an official or unofficial observances of religious,
national, or cultural significance, often accompanied by celebrations or festivities.

There are 6 things one can do to enjoy there holidays:
– Ironic as it may sound, vacations can be exhausting, especially for parents. Whether your children are toddlers
or teenagers, fatigue can set in from trying to accomplish too much in such a short amount of time. Make sure you
take some time to relax yourself.
– Even if you are vacationing with a lot of extended family members, make it a point to take some time to spend
with your teenager one-on-one.
– As your teenager gets older, there is a normal part of you that desire to spend a lot of time with him/her.
You want to cherish the time with your daughter, and make sure your son knows the importance of your
– Many parents visualize in their mind, and heart what they want their family vacations to be like. Their
ideals are filled with holiday cheer, perfect children, and Norman Rockwell memories. Thereby, they unintentionally
place expectations on their teenagers and family members. Take your vacation a day at a time, without any
– If there is a major conflict between you and your teenager, then agree to put the matter aside until after
your vacation. Anyone can ‘agree to disagree” for a temporary period of time.
– No doubt there will moments of frustration between you and your teenager. It is unrealistic to expect
otherwise. As the parent, make it a point to pick your battles. Then talk it out in a manner that will resolve
conflict, rather than placing blame. Avoid harboring grudges and resentments.

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