The Narcissist

The Narcissist

The narcissist is simply can known to all of us that as a selfishness of a person. It is something that a person is unable to think about the good of others without anyone else. This narcissist name is come from Greek Myth. It
was coined by Freud named person, in the Greek Myth who was fall in the love on his reflex of himself.

Now lets talk about the narcissist or about the selfishness. As we all know already that it is the selfishness of a person. And we also know that it is a type of behave by which a person shows that he is thinking about only
good things about him and he does not care about others. As all the others things of the world it also has some good and bad sides.

At first we shall talk about the good things of the person. The first good thing about the selfishness is these types of people can give all of their attention on him. It gives him that chance to know himself more deeply. This
type of behave helps the person to reduce the stress of life. The reason is the person thinks only about him so he does not need to face many social problems. These types of people are so much professional. So, these people can reach on the top of success.

After talking about the good side of the narcissist its now time to talk about the bad things about this. The first problem is these types of people do not earn the honor from the society. These people also do not have a lot
of good friends. Their social interaction is also not good as other people. They do not expect from other people; most importantly they lose one very important thing that is the faith of other on him as a person.

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