The Know it All

The Know-it-All

The know-it-all is a process or a system which tells us about the person who has the knowledge about all topics about any subject. But it is impossible for a person to know all the elements about a subject. That is why it is
mainly used in many small sectors.

As we discussed before and also find that the know it all term is used in very little things. In most of cases it is used in the matters o parents who have little kids. Buy this term they like to tell that the parents have
enough knowledge about how to manage their children. There are many things parents needs to know to direct their child on the right way. Like how their child will grow up, what the things are important for influence their child.
They also need to know that what types of environment is useful for their child. They need to know what type of friend is important for their kids. All of this things are included in the package of know it all. A parent needs
to know all of these things to say that they know it all.

Like this, in the sector of work, the worker or the user needs to know about the product and how to use that.
For more examples let’s see to a student. He must need to know all about his study topic. Otherwise it is totally impossible for him to study properly. Let’s think about a businessman. A businessman should need to know all about the current market and also important for him to know about his competitors. Lets talk about a farmer. A farmer should need to know that in which he needs to plant the seeds. At last it is important to say that a person must need to know the entire related topic about his subject which will helpful to do his job perfectly.

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