The Guilt Tripper

The Guilt Tripper

The guilt tripper is a common problem of many people. It is something which described that a person is guilty just for the interaction with other. Though is not a very critical matter but it is sometimes it is hard to
overcome these problem. This problem is giving so much mental presser that sometimes a person is just unable to handle that and that become the mental problem of these people. And when the problem is become reach at the mental problem level than it become so hard to deal with.

Now there are different reasons are available behind this problem. For example just think about a mother, a mother who gets lots of pain by her son or by her daughter. At that moment the mother can give guilt trip to her
son or daughter. Let’s think about a girlfriend and boyfriend matter. Suppose the girlfriend is hurt by the boyfriend. Then the girlfriend may give guilt trip to her boyfriend. Let’s think about coworker, where one worker
can give blame to other. That moment it is very scenario that one coworker give guilt tripper to the other one.

Now to do the work properly it is very important that one person have the quality of neutralize the guilt tripper. At the firs the victim needs to understand that what the reason behind the guilt tripper is. Then he needs
to recognize that does he is doing the right thing, if he finds that he is wrong then he should need to stop that.

Next, the victim who is causing the guilt tripper, if he finds that he is right, then also he needs to stop that from thinking. The reason is it is totally valueless. He also needs to understand that this thing will not be
helpful to make a long term relationship with others. So, he needs to remove this from their behavior.

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