The Angry Bully

The Angry Bully

In this earth, we always find some people who like to irritate others. These people find ridiculous type of
enjoyment, which beyond the thinking of a normal human being. One form of the irritations is bulling. From the very
start of the childhood to the adult stage, we often come across these people. These people always try to hamper
other’s life.

Some of them may start it just as a fun but overtime they do it so rigorously that, it becomes a
daily schedule for them. They like to humiliate others and keep focusing on the weak points. At one point, they
instill a state of fear into others, and whenever these sense of humiliation and fear become consistent in others
the angry bully is considered to be successful.

An angry bully is normally an aggressive one. They are persistent in nature. These people hardly talk rational.
During an argument they may try to be in logic, but after a while they start to talk like an insane one. They will
be creating stories just to abase you. So in many cases it is happened that, they will make others very much
confused by the bulling over a subject though the victims were confident about that. The bullies try to penetrate
the cognitive process of others and use it for their ill purpose. These people rarely give chances to others to
talk. And sometimes they listen patiently to others then start bulling.

To get rid of annoying stuff, one should confidently face it rather than avoiding it. If one can just show that
he or she is not affected by their absurd stuff and if it can be maintained in a regular basis, then it will be
really helpful. These people should be treated as they treat other. At one point this may trigger compassion in
them which will make them stop doing this.

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