Stop Thinking the Worst

Stop Thinking the Worst

Thinking the worst about people and situations will not only go a long way to making you miserable, but also
sour as well. While it is a good suggestion to be equipped in case something bad does occur, if you keep thinking
negatively then your intuitive mind will work to make the thing you are expecting come true.

First, you need to settle on what the worst possible thing that could possibly take place in a certain situation
or with another person is. It’s important to be frank with yourself when doing this, if everything were to fall
down, what is the worst that can happen? Accept whatever the answer is. You will find that as soon as you stop
refusing to accept the worst, you will begin to calm down.

Go online and look up some motivating quotation marks, mark them and put them in places where you will be able
to notice them every day. Enclose yourself with positive things; remember that they are an initial point that will
help you start believing and reacting with more positivity and helping you to stop thinking the worst.

Determine the most horrible thing that can happen in the situation or with a person. Be honest. If everything
falls apart, what is the worst thing that can occur? As soon as you stop defending against the worst, you’ll rest
and be clearer .Make today the day move forward in the right direction, no matter how little the change is. Every
success is a step toward a more positive way of thinking.

One of the best ways to stop thinking the worst is to make with a list of all the excellent things in your life
right now, you will be surprised at how rapidly this will work to change your center of attention. Change your
focus and think about the good things that are happening right now.

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