Stop Comparing Yourself

Stop Comparing Yourself

It’s human nature to compare themselves to others. They tend to compare relationships, status, accomplishment
etc. Consequently, it creates a lot of negative feelings within. In practical life every human being is different.
The best way to curb this tendency is to recognize that comparing yourself to others is a bad habit.

People possess varying mindsets and perceptions. The process of interpretation, thoughts, ideas, experiences,
emotions are different. It’s high time you started thinking how different they are from you. You may belong to
different religion, country, culture, race, don’t be scared of being yourself. Nobody but you has ability to
dominate your thought process, your mindset, and your attributes. Comparing with others can be replaced by
comparing your own entity. Compare your current status with you previous status and measure how much have you
achieved, what maturity level you have reached and how far you have gone towards your aim.

Think in a more positive way. Observe the distressful life of people and compare your life. You will find more
elements to be grateful to life. Get rid of the narrowness of your mind and be extrovert. The more knowledge you
gather of other’s conditions, the more you will feel blessed. Beware of the things that break your heart and avoid
them. You need to realize that everything is not possible. Learn your limitations. Cope up with changes and adjust
quickly. For the development of your life, aim at something achievable. Change the lifestyle according to changes.
Carry out things to satisfy own self but not to delight others.

Be more extroverts and try new things. Try new sports, wear attractive clothing, speed up your office work, and
bring dimension in you pastime. Be generous and stretch your helping to others. The appreciation and achievements
can make you feel less inferior. This will reduce the tendency to compare your life with others?.

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