Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Human being is most intellectual creature of the Almighty. He has blessed us with some unique qualities which
are absent in other creatures. The capability of thinking is one of them. Thinking is such a powerful process that,
the way of thinking can change the whole course of life. If someone can use it positively then it will be of great
help and vise versa. The power of thinking is an evolving process. It can not be developed instantly. The more one
think, the more this power increases. Positive thinking is being developed within an individual from the very start
of life. Positive thinking instills positive attitude into us. People with positive thinking do not necessarily
mean that, they have to be good human being. Good and bad both category of person can have positive thinking.

There are various sources of positive thinking, for example- the environment, education, value, attitude and it
can be also hereditary. The environment includes family members, peers, the people whom a person dealing with each
and every day. If a person is brought upon in such a family those there family members possess a positive thinking,
and then this person is more likely going to have the same. Peers have a profound effect on a person in this case.
In the whole lifetime, people are mostly influenced by the peers. So if the peers possess an affirmative thinking,
then the particular person is about to instill the same.

If we breakdown positive thinking, then we will get confidence and optimistic attitude as the two core part. To
develop positive thinking one must have confidence and self belief. People who want to be successful, they must
have optimistic thinking, other than this, whatever qualification they might have, in the long run those will not
be effective ones.

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