Overcome Superstition

Overcome Superstition

There is always been a cold war between science and superstitions. Science is always trying to swallow
superstation that lies within human beings. On the other hand, superstition cripples our life and makes us do the
most irrational things. Though it is considered to be an era of science, but still superstitions rule over many
peoples life. Some people are so severely affected by this that from the starting to the end they are controlled by
the superstitions. These people are reluctant to have a normal course of life.

To overcome superstition an individual need to endorse him/her with the knowledge of science because science is
an integration of rationality and intelligence. People affected by superstition sabotage their life just by
believing in myth which is in most cases sheer stupidity. If people illuminate themselves with the light of science
then they will be able to think rationally and justify the truth. The distinction between reality and myth will be
vivid to them.

We have to be updated all the time if we want to overcome superstition as well as we have to pay attention to
gather knowledge. We should not restrict ourselves in just institutionalized knowledge. We have to gather knowledge
from all around the world. It will help us to develop a good perception power. By using this we will be able to
break all the shackles of superstition. We have think and judge everything. We can not just depend on others to
evaluate situation that we come across because people depending on others are more vulnerable to superstitions than
others. People of this category hardly can differentiate between fact and fiction. Flexibility and adaption will
help them to sweep away all the confusions that they may possess and welcome the new away. So they do not stick
with the earlier superstitions and transform themselves into more intellectual human beings.

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