Dont Worry Be Happy

Dont Worry Be Happy

Happiness is the most desired state of mind for a human being. We always look for this. We seek happiness in
every step of our life. It is integrated with our day to day requirement. When we get off the bed, we look for a
comfortable sandal, and then when we go to brush our teeth, we again look for comfort, happiness.

After that during breakfast we crave for a nice meal which gain relates us with happiness. That is how our life
is being incorporated with the desire of being happy. But it is never actually possible to achieve the desired
state and a gap remains between the desired state and the actual one. This gap represents our need. Sometimes this
gap widens and for a moment it reduces. That is how life goes on.

We always try to squeeze the gap and it is a natural process. Everyone does not become successful in this. But
it does not mean that they have to be worried all the time. People who get worried over trivial things can never
reduce the gap or more specifically can never be happy. Theses two maintain negative correlation among them. You
need to grasp all the opportunities they get to become happy. But you should also keep in mind that, everything has
a minimum cut off point. So if you get close to that point, you should be alarmed.

Being always in a state of worry can not bring the happiness, it will just increase the stress and anxiety
level. So if you are intelligent enough, do not keep torturing yourself. Because it will hinder the opportunities
of being happy that comes to you. You have to be alert, these opportunities are rare ones. You also need to keep
believe in your fate that soon it may smile at you.

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