Working Mothers

Working Mothers

Working mother are those women who are working and also at the same time they are the mother of
a child. Working mothers are facing many problems in all types of society, but at the same time they need to
maintain lots of thing.

Few decades before it is said that woman are only for doing the stuffs of housewife and they
will have the only reorganization and that is they are housewife. But things are quite change in this 21st century.
Now woman are going for work wheatear she is the mother of her child. No doubt it is a very good sign of a society
but for many people of this world saying that a woman should not need to go for job. These people are always
opposed the way of the mothers to go for job. But still the number of working mother is increasing.

After the birth of the child a working mother gets a vacation from her organization. This
vacation is helpful for the mothers but not enough. Mothers need to have more vacation as if they can care their
child perfectly at least for 10 months to 12 months.

Working mothers are needed to be more effective. The reasons are they need to maintain their
office, their family and also importantly her child. Sometimes it is become so hard for the woman to maintain
everything. In those time it is said by the male person of the family is to leave the job. But during that time it
is more important to help the women to take care her child than giving these types of suggestion.

It is said, that if the mother of a family is perfect and the family will be perfect. So it is
very important to help the mother to do her job perfectly as if she can do her work and also can maintain her job


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