Stressful Christmas

Stressful Christmas

Christmas is typically one of the most stressful events of the year. The expense of buying gifts, the pressure
of last minute shopping and the heightened expectations of family togetherness can all combine to undermine our
best intentions. Some practical suggestions can help people to reduce their ‘Christmas stress’. For many of us, the
Christmas aftermath includes massive credit card bills that can take months to clear. Christmas doesn’t have to be
a financial headache if one plans ahead. Stress reduction strategies include: As early as one can in the New Year,
work out a rough budget of expected Christmas costs. Don’t forget ‘hidden’ expenses such as food bills and overseas
telephone charges.

60 per cent of Australians dislike Christmas shopping, just 20 percent plan their shopping expeditions, and the
majority of them (nearly 75 per cent) often come home without a single purchase for their efforts. Stress reduction
strategies for successful Christmas shopping include: Make a list of all the gifts one wish to buy before they go
shopping. If one waits for inspiration to strike, they could be wandering aimlessly around the shopping centre for
hours. Buy a few extras, such as chocolates, just in case one forgets somebody or one have unexpected guests
bearing gifts.

Stress, anxiety and depression are common during the festive season. If nothing else, reassure that these
feelings are normal. Stress reduction strategies include: Don’t expect miracles. If one and certain family members
bicker all year long, they can be sure there’ll be tension at Christmas lunch. Avoid known triggers. If someone
brings up the topic, use distraction and quickly move onto something else to talk about.To reduce one ‘Christmas
stress’ they must be remember something. That is are. : Save a percentage of one disposable income throughout the
year to provide a nest egg for Christmas expenses. Make a list of all the gifts that one wish to buy and shop

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