Stress Management Training

Stress Management Training

Research has proven that the experience that we have come across over the years is likely to cause diseases
which are not evident until later on in life. The death of near and dear one causes the maximum level of stress,
followed by divorce and separation. The conflicts entwined with relationships cause stress.

As humans, more of our time is used up working compared to any other conscious activity. Work-related stress is
a result of a aspect or a combinations of factors at work. It impacts the worker, disrupting their psychological or
physical security. It can be caused by a number of factors including work overload. Work overload results from the
load of surplus work. It may also be caused by the vagueness of the task required of the worker.. It can cause job
disappointment, post distressing stress disease, and amplify the level of cholesterol and the heart rate.

Social networks breakup is also important. Relationships have been proved to be one of the more vital aspects of
our human life, especially to our psychological and physical well being. As humans, we need the affection and love
that relationships bring to us and the exclusion of one of these relationships can be painful.

Stress can cause Diseases. Stress has been the basis for 50-80% of diseases.
It can cause Insomnia, hypertension, high blood pressure, aging, etc. This school of thought holds that outside
factors, like poisonous work environments, largely drive workplace stress. Common characteristics of
stress-inducing environments include authoritarian or no communicative supervisors, socially isolating work, and
jobs that require a lot of effort but offer little reward. Stress comes from how you recognize your situation. The
very thoughts you have can deteriorate your stress reaction, says Dr. Jeff Brantley, director of the Mindfulness
Based Stress Reduction program at Duke Integrative Medicine

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