Reduce Time Pressure

Reduce Time Pressure

In every individual’s life time management is a very big issue. It can alter the whole course of life. There are
some people who like to put off their work for the later time. They possess the confident that at the end of the
day they will make it easily. A false sense of false courage makes them do this stupidity. When the time draws near
to the end, they become insane. May be some of them finish the work but the quality of the work becomes very low.
On the other side, people who always do their work time to time, they hardly face the above situation. They handle
the time pressure so smoothly that, they are always in a better position to make the work a quality one.

This reduction of time pressure is essential in every stage of our life. No matter we are in professional life
or personal, we need this all the time. Time always makes us run, if we can not do this it is impossible to have
triumphant over life. We will always lag behind if we can not handle the pressure successfully. To reduce the time
pressure we must have a daily schedule which will fix our day to day movements. Life is unpredictable but it does
not mean that we will sit idle having any plan.

Our daily schedule has to be perfectly devised. It has to be rational and we can make it rational if we justify
our productivity and capability. We have to divide the timeframe according to the importance of the work. It is
very important know which one is important for us and which one not. Then we should strive to follow this and deuce
the time pressure. Otherwise it will become very much difficult to cope with this first paced world and ease the
time stress.

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