Nervous Breakdown

Nervous Breakdown

Nervous breakdown literally means an attack of dejection or stress which is so rigorous that it averts an
individual from continuing the regular activities. This kind of condition is usually triggered by heavy stress,
which seems to be intolerable. These kids of conditions can lead to a really dangerous situation, may be a suicide
attempt too. The state of nervous breakdown depends on many factors, such as the history family member’s
instability, coping power with depression, the mental strength, earlier experiences etc.

Nervous breakdown can be caused because of genetic. It is often seen that, those children are likely to be more
vulnerable to this problem, whose parents had the same. People who have family members with the following problems
are prone to nervous breakdown. These typical problems include anxiety disorder, frequent depression, compulsive
disorder etc. Besides this, alcoholic family members can be also dangerous for their children. The revival power of
an individual is also a crucial factor. If an individual has a good ability to stay cool in the uncertain
situations of life, then he or she is less prone to nervous breakdown. These people strong mind set, which will
take a lot to be shattered.

Earlier experiences are also a significant factor in case of nervous breakdown. Those people, who frequently
experience these kinds of unwanted, uncertain situations, may develop heir mind in such a way that at one point of
time, these become obvious part of life. This is done involuntarily and it is mostly contributed to unconscious
state of mind. This is an evolving process and if you want to experience fewer nervous breakdowns then you need to
possess a complete command over the emotions because extra emotion is a catalyst which leads to nervous breakdown
more often. So you have to believe the great saying ? ?Emotion is Illusion? and work on it, as it will help to
reduce nervous breakdown

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