Midlife Crisis

Midlife Crisis

There is always been a debate over the illustration of midlife crisis. The debate is over the aspect that,
whether it is usual situation or not. Midlife crisis is a state of mind which is triggered by the transition during
middle age. The age range is considered to be forty to sixty. The crisis can be of different aspects such as
depression, psychological strain and an urge to change the whole course of life. These can be the outcomes of some
specific situations, for example- regular life dilemmas, job related problems, unwelcomed incident, leaving the
dear ones etc.

During the specific age range, many are seemed to have job dilemmas in their life. In this stage, they are so
much annoyed of the job that they want to leave it, but they can not do it. They hang around between the tolerance
and rejection stage. The continual of this kind of dilemma leads them to consistent depression. Other than these,
the people from parents? category may feel lonely as typical situation is most of the children leave their parents
during this period either for job purpose or others. Parents become so lonely that they may end up with some kind
of psychological disorder.

To get rid of these types of situations, people force themselves to change their life style. They want to have a
new way of leading their life by altering the day-to-day activities. These changes are very immediate and
unplanned. Some of the typical scenarios are going for a log holiday or having frequent holiday trips. They
consistently push themselves to achieve the so desired balance between the work life and they regular life. During
this period, they want to define their goal and give it a new look. To avoid this crisis, we should have a plan
about this crucial stage of midlife.

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