Feeling Trapped

Feeling Trapped

This is a very competitive world. Here all the people are running in all the moments only for winning in each
and every competition. These things make a person too much professional that they are not like to consider a little
thing which makes a little bit problems to achieve their goal. These very professional people do not like consider
for their parents, siblings, relatives or friends. They are very rigid minded people that they do not even feel
bother to do harm to any of his nearest people. These professional people are going for trapped the very innocent
people which makes very harm to them.

Now the victims, who are trapped by others, may be fall in a big problem. It is very important for the victim to
feel in a perfect time that they are in trapped and they also need to know how they can save themselves from this
trap. Now, it is very hard for a person to understand that he is in a trap. The reason is the victim most of the
time trapped by the own relative and friends. That is why it is very hard to have the feeling that he is in trap. For
this the person needs to be more and more careful all the time. The person should not believe all the people.
Whatever he is close friends or dearest relative. A person should only trust himself no one else.

To be careful to not to fall in a trap, the best way is to find out the people who may fall him in trap. It
should be done by lot of observation. After finding that he can fall into a trap, the person should be stay away
from him.

At last it is important to say, that a person is fall in trap only because they trust others blindly. To live
freely a person should need to avoid this.

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