Feel Safe with Your Life

Feel Safe with Your Life

From the beginning of human era, human being is running for only one cause and that is for feel safe. Safe, this
is a word which is spelled so softly but unfortunately human being is not safe at all.

A question may arise from the upper discussion that why a human being is not feeling safe. From different books
it founded that the fear of a human being at first come from different kind of natural calamities at the very past.
Next the fear for human being was wild animals. From then a long time has passed, after passing time human takes
the control of the society, but regrettably they are still under threat and threat is from human. As we can see
from the current world that human are killing each other, robbing etc. etc. for this reasons it is hard to feel
safe for a human.

Lets find out how a person can feel safe. First of all what a person needs to do that is starting to believe in
his environment. There are many people are living in environment around a person. It is very important for a person
to believe on them otherwise a person never can feel safe. The people around our environment are friends, family
member, police, doctors and also many others.

The next thing a person needs to that for feel safe is to remove all the crazy thinking from brain. The reason
is these thinking are so much destructive. These types of thinking keep everyone under presser, may be the people
are not in threat but these crazy thinking stay them away from safe mood.

Next thing a person needs to do is to increase his self confident. A person should need to believe that he is
enough smart as if he can fight against any problem. If anyone has this believe in himself then a person should
find himself as safe.

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