Speaking in Groups

Speaking in Groups

There are various types of people available in this world. In broad sense, on the basis of speaking in a group
we can figure out two types of people. One who always speak out in the group and the other one finds it better to
remain silent in the group. The later category of people is unfit to be in a group. There existence is hardly
marked. People sometimes forget about them. They do not speak in any matter, irrespective of their favorite or
disliked ones. On the other hand, another category of people like to be a part of group. In this process, they
always speak in the group. They always try to rationalize themselves in the group and prove themselves as effective

We always tend to remind those people within a group who speak out, take charge of the situation and keep
controlling it. They may have sometimes little knowledge over the matter that the group is discussing, but it is
not a problem for him or her. They will look forward to knowing the unknowns and then participate in the talking.
They hate themselves to be unmarked. If we define these people then they will be termed as extrovert ones.

These people are smart, intelligent and flexible because they know how to deal with the context and the people.
They do not possess the fear of being humiliated and embarrassed. They may not know something but it is quite
obvious for a human being. They talk sense and make the presence in the group a worthy one. These people are full
in confidence and it is showed by the fluency of the behavior. People always tend to like, trust and depend on
these people. They are the one who set triumph over others and strive to prove the life a worthy one.

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