Socializing Motivation

Socializing Motivation

Human being is a social creature. From the very childhood they are being developed as a part of society and till
death they will be part of this. The pattern and the structure of the society may change overtime but people never
can escape the society. They have to act like a part of it and they never can deny the fact. There are some people
who tend to avoid society but they never can be successful. Avoiding makes them worthless in the society and at one
point of time the society isolates them from others. So it is very important to socialize and we should go for

There can be a number of motivational factors for socializing. These work as inspirations for people for being
socialized. People can not live alone. They always need company. With company life becomes a nightmare for them. In
each and every step one person is depended on others directly or indirectly. People need others to share their
emotions, feelings without which there will be no difference between them and machine. This sense of attachment
motivates people to stay together in a society.

The appetite of getting appraisal and acknowledgement is another big motivational factor for individual. We all
are hungry for appraisals. When we do anything good and novel we tend to share them with others. When they praise
us we are inspired and get more spirit. We the socializing is not being done then it would be impossible for us to
connect with others and seek for appraisal.

Human nature has a trend to find relevance into their surroundings. They always look for something which is
relevant to them. When they start for socializing they become more affiliated with others and achieve the so
desired relevance. These are the just core ones. There are much more socializing motivation available all around

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