Self Consciousness

Self Consciousness

There are many people who drown into others thinking. They hardly can think for their own. Whenever they are out
in the road, they keep wondering what people are thinking about him or her right now. Are they mocking or they are
having funny talks about the person or he is the subject of their cracked jokes, these all keep wandering into the
mind all the time of a self conscious person. They make themselves look like the slave of others thinking. It can
arise from a fault in the psychical appearance, or in the other aspects. But the most terrible thing is that,
sometimes self conscious people fuzz over nothing but the figment of their imagination. They keep searching what
may go wrong in front of people and they hardly can come up with a rational answer.

Self conscious people fill their life with stresses. But they should get rid of it. To get over self
consciousness at first people have to figure out exactly what keep bothering them all the time. What is making them
conscious day by day and whom they are trying to satisfy, these all questions need to be answered. After figuring
out the reason for self consciousness they have to work on it. They have to instill the belief that, no one around
them is perfect. People should not keep consistently doing self criticism. It creates utter stress in them and
cripples their life.

Self conscious people sometimes tend to make them isolated and live in a cocoon. They thin that by this thy will
be hiding all their shortcomings. These people hardly think rationally. These people need to build self confidence
and self esteem. Both of these are great in removing self consciousness. The more people are out of it, the more of
probability of happiness increases.

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