Be Comfortable with Silence

Be Comfortable with Silence

In this busy world it is hard for anyone to find out the silence. Everywhere around us is only
loud and expressive. People are being busy everyday and the noise is increasing day by day. For the modern world
people are now forgetting the beauty of silence. But it is true that silence is more and more beautiful than loud
and other types of aspects of this. Not only the natural silence is beautiful but also the silence in love and
relation increase the deepness of the relation.

Now, in this busy world it is quite hard for many people to feel comfort with the silence. Many
people do not feel this at all. That is why they do not feel comfort with the silence. Now, there are several ways
to feel comfort with this. First they need understand or need to feel it. They need to feel the beauty of this.
They need to feel that it is not only a condition of nature but also it is a way by which they can get peace.

A person also needs to understand that silence is the way by which they can understand
themselves. This is the way by which they can found out their problems. Some people have fear about this. For them
it is important to pass some time in silence and when they will feel its beauty then his or her fear will be go
out. It is also helpful to reduce the mental stress and refresh a person.

Silence is also important in relationship. A relationship never stays for long until and unless
it becomes deeper. A silence in a relation increase the deepness, it increase the feeling of the people who are
bind in a relation. Some people say instead of lots of words in relation a silent smile is more effective to
understand each other.


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