Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety

Social Anxiety is state of mind where people tend to avoid any kind social exposure because of the fear of being
embarrassed. They condition themselves with embarrassment during social exposure and they make it persistent in
nature. Whenever they are exposed to the society or any kind of social performance, the anxiety and stress is being
triggered into them. People always try to handle these situations by avoiding and when they can not sidestep the
situations they fall into an utter distress. It is common among children, teens and also adults. If this continues
for more than six months then it has to be diagnosed as soon as possible.

People suffering from Social Anxiety can interact easily with the family members and some other near ones, but
whenever they are in public anxiety of being humiliated automatically is triggered into them. For example, public
speaking, setting eye contact with the class mates, interacting with unknown person etc. their daily life is being
crippled by this. They make themselves isolated ones from the society. They create a cocoon around themselves and
they restrict their life into them. They find it better option avoid everyone rather than facing the situation.

These people can not take part in any social activates just for the fear of being in a humiliating situation.
These types of recurring situations make them lonely and create utter depression into them. All the time they try
to figure out someone around them whom with they are enable to share their feelings. They miss out all the fun of

To overcome Social Anxiety some sorts of therapies are very much useful. Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioral
Therapy are the most effective ones. These manipulate peoples mind to get the fear of social exposure. The family
and other near ones should be helpful to the person suffering from Social Anxiety.

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