You’re Not Stupid

You’re Not Stupid

Thinking you are stupid all the time is a nightmare. Early ideas about you can sometimes stick.
If you were brainwashed into thinking you never had anything to say and were stupid when you were a child maybe
that conditioning is spoiling life for you now.

We humans like to think we are right even when being “right” means holding onto limiting and
damaging beliefs about you. In order to really begin to recognize your own intelligence and positive mental
qualities you will have to let go of “having to be right” about your being stupider than you really are.

People who automatically feel they are stupid will be selective with the evidence that life
presents to them about themselves. For example if they do well at something they might say: “Well anybody could
have done that!”. They might give the credit for their own intelligence to other people by saying: ‘Well that went
well because Lucy or George really helped me it wouldnt have worked without their help.

So strong is the early brainwashing that they are dumb that their mind tries to maintain the
early conditioning by “making excuses” for any evidence that doesn’t fit the “I am stupid” label. Its important for
future happiness and success to leave this habit behind and soon. Because if we truly believe we are stupid and
others think we are we may subconsciously start to act more stupidly producing a self-fulfilling prophecy. Self
concepts can actually mold our behavior.

Living with limiting ideas about ourselves means we live in more restricted ways than we need
to. Maybe someone told you that you were stupid and you believed them because you were young or they have some
authority. Perhaps you have applied black or white simplistic standards to yourself and this perfectionist approach
has left you, inevitably, feeling you are no good.


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