Self Pity

Self Pity

Self pity is the state of mind in which people consistently feel sorry for themselves. It is a common scenario
in many people’s lives. It is a feeling which sometimes makes people feel lighter. Self pity can have both positive
and negative impacts. Sometimes people are habituated in feeling sorry and they act normally. Some people do a
number of weird stuffs to being self pity and some other guys let this emotional feeling hampers other day to day

Self pity sometimes helps as a friend which alleviates the severity of the unwanted incident. It creates a
boundary round us where we feel mentally secure. It wraps up us from the feeling of sorrowing and grief. But
sometimes this self pity is being done so excessively that it becomes a problem. In any kind of situation people
tend to take help of with it rather than rationalizing the situation. People just start to feel sorry for
themselves even before knowing is it perfect time to be sorry or not. It makes them mentally weak as they loose the
sprit of fight back with the odd. All their concentration is being on showing pity to themselves rather than act
like a brave person.

For overcoming self people need to create zero tolerance level in case of self pity. People are less likely to
indulge themselves into any kind of consolation. It has to be reinforced and whenever the situation comes no matter
what happens it has to be executed. Apart from these, we have to make ourselves mentally strong. We have to strong
the belief that, self pity resembles weakness and lack of spirit. We have to persistently associate ourselves with
this type of belief and create a mind set that we will be the one who are strong in every uncertain scenario of

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