Self Hate

Self Hate

Human being always possesses an interesting nature. It is never been an easy job to predict a person’s behavior.
Some people are sparkled with confidence and some are pessimist all through their life. Some people have a habit of
saying yes to life and some others rarely utter this word. Few people always love themselves very much and others
are never. The second category of people is always very much bothered with themselves and the life. The life seems
to be a misery for them. They hate themselves for their deeds even though they have not done such things in their
life. They fuzz over trivial matters and make it a big deal.

The people, whose minds are filled with self hate, are more likely to torture themselves persistently. They have
a propensity to prove themselves as a good for nothing even though they are capable of a number of stuffs. They
used to hate themselves so severely that they rarely can concentrate on a work because they think that whatever
they do will end up in failure. So they do not get the urge to do anything in a proper manner. The self hate can
also be triggered a past experience. But these people need to realize that life is big. One incident can not decide
the whole course of life.

Apart from these, the environment, family, peers and other near ones individually also plays crucial part in
building this kind of harmful mentality. For example, when a father consistently keeps saying to his boy that, he
is not worth any thing, he should not be in this world and much more of these kinds of stuffs, a state of
depression works into the boy and he sometimes may also starts to believe that he is good for nothing. So every
person should think rationally and eliminate self hate completely.

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