Self Esteem in Relationships

Self Esteem in Relationships

Self esteem and relationship, between these two there is always been some correlations. Both of these two are
significant parts life. When these two are integrated in our life, it is obvious to have some interesting outcomes.
The probability of positive and negative outcome depends on how properly these two are blended. It is very
important that both the people in a relationship has same sort of self esteem. Otherwise it may trigger real
conflicts. Besides this, the opposite can also happen. If one of them has high self esteem and another one is
utterly low, then the second person can be easily dominated and exploited. It demoralizes the person and weakens
his or her attraction to relationship.

People who are having low self esteem affect the relationship negatively. They are never confident in any stuff.
So in case of social relationships they hardly can respond positively and communicate with others. As they are not
confident in any sort of thing, some people give them cold look and other people crack jokes on them. They are
highly criticized for their low self esteem and it keeps them causing social relationships.

Self esteem sometimes also determines the pattern of relationship. When two persons have same sort of self
esteem level they are more likely to understand each other clearly. It helps to find the right person because
relationships are about integration of minds and attitude. Self esteem encompasses a huge portion of human behavior
as it includes self confidence, self belief and some important parts of human nature. So during decision making
when self esteem is given priority over other stuffs, individuals have higher possibility to come up with the right
decision. Every one of us should possess higher self esteem because it will make our life a better experience.

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