Self Acceptance

Self Acceptance

Self acceptance is the sense of loving and caring ourselves. There is always needed to be a balance between self
acceptance and the love for others. If we are asked a question that whom we does love most, then we will come up
with a lots of different answer, but deep into the heart there can the common answer would be ourselves. Self
acceptance includes all the portions of life, not just the positive ones but also the negative ones. It increases
with proportion of building positive thinking about ourselves. Sometimes it is seen that, we judge ourselves over
trivial matters and take a lot of stresses. There is always been a wrong in our judgmental process. We keep our
selves in the unsuitable position where we become liable for everything.

Self criticism is good but sometimes we take it to another level where it becomes a problem. We do it because we
have lack of self acceptance. We have to love ourselves, because self acceptance determines the level of happiness
that a person is going to acquire in his or her lifetime. Self acceptance gives people the motive and aspiration to
go ahead. Without this we will be having problem to find the nudge inside us. Self esteem and self belief are also
interconnected with this. We also need to create a liberal mentality where we can forgive ourselves and let go off
the things easily because most people have lost valuable time of their life just by scrutinizing their deeds. It is
better to analyze the work and go over the mistakes. But after sorting out the mistakes we must not stuck with that
anymore and torture us mentally for the wrong. Life is a small one. If we do not have self acceptance in us, then
this small life is never going to smile at us.

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