Find Your Identity

Find Your Identity

Finding ones own identity is very important for a person. Without finding the identity the person is seriously
unable to find their place in the society. Not only without identity is a person unable to live in a country. There
is no honor for an identity less person. In our society there are people are living who do not have any identity.
They are just lost people. Though they are living in a society but still they are not the part of the society. In
our sick society this indemnity problem is mainly faced by woman.

If someone says it tried to find my identity but I cant, then it is easy to say that the person did not follow
the perfect way to find the identity. The first and the most important thing the person needs to do is to listen to
his own brain words. In most of the cases it is find out that a person who do not have any identity he listen all
the words of other people. The person loses his identity from that moment when the person start to ignore his own
thinking words. So, to find his identity the person needs to listen to his own words. Another important thing the
person needs to do is to keep in touch with his dreams. True indentify comes from there. It will increase the honor
about him.

The next thing the person needs to do is to express their true emotions. Expressing true emotion helps the
person to find a social nominee. Next the person needs to do is, choose his activity very carefully. The reason
behind this step is all the activities are an example of your identity. So the person who is like to find his
identity he must need to chose his works perfectly.

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