Peer Pressure

In this earth we always need someone to share our feelings. These are the people in front of whom we can act like a total stupid, we can do a lot crazy things, and we will be beyond all the rationalities. They appear to be the closest ones. The feeling of being closest differs with the age.

In childhood the parents belong to this category, as the time moves one we make some friends who influence our life most. Being influenced is not an offense, when these peers force to change our attitudes, behaviors and values the problem starts here. This is known as peer pressure. There are a lot of examples where these peers have worked as the core catalysts for sabotaging their life.

The initialization and impact of peer pressure depend on many factors, for example- age, surroundings, bondage with family members, education, personality and attitude. Age is a core determinant factor of peer pressure. A school is more likely to affect by the peers than a matured boy, because people of this age range do have less judgmental power. People normally do this because they want to adept with the friends and they want to be liked by the peers. In this process, they sometimes push themselves to danger which consider as smartness or be up to date. To start smoking is the most common example of this.

Family bondage is also an important issue. When people are not that mush affiliated with the family, they emotionally depend on the peers. They modify their behavior, value and belief according to the peers. The fear of being neglected works inside them which provokes alteration of their behavior. The vicarious learning also plays a crucial part. Among the peers they start to follow those one whom they admire most. Peers are the most important portion of life. We should always try to take the best out of it.

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