Build Self Confidence

Build Self Confidence

If you want to build self-confidence than using the power of conversational hypnosis may be what you have been
looking for.

The terms conversational hypnosis and covert hypnosis, our terminology used to describe a particular style of
hypnosis that revolves around the usage of hypnotic language and on occasion, your body language.

All hypnosis is self hypnosis, so whenever you think and even chat with yourself, you can direct your mind, and
therefore guide your thoughts. When you guide your thoughts in a premeditated direction, you can very easily
hypnotise yourself if you choose.

Quite a lot of people would love to increase their self esteem and self confidence.

Build Self Confidence From Within

Self confidence is a state of mind, so therefore by directing your mind you can reach a level where self-confidence
becomes natural.

Therefore, keep in mind that it’s important to use the following tips to any time you want to have increased
self-confidence and self-esteem.

  • Spend a moment and reflect about a single time that you felt confident about something you are doing.
  • Imagine yourself performing at your peak, feeling confident in that task you are doing.
  • Whenever you talk to yourself, make a conscious effort to stop using words such as “try” or “but”, as these
    words presuppose failure.
  • Whenever you say, “I’ll try to do better next time”, your subconscious mind tends to assume you may or may not
    be serious about it. Subsequently, is predisposed to not place much importance on the outcome.
  • Be positive and use productive sentences when you speak to yourself in reference to your own abilities.
  • Confide in your subconscious mind, make an effort to complete any task you agree to do. This does your
    subconscious mind that your word is worth something.
  • You have within you all the resources that you required to complete any goal you choose.

However some of those thoughts and statements that those people who are important to you may have said in your
past. Parents, friends, teachers and anybody who may be important to you in your past, may have said something that
is acting as a strong hypnotic suggestion and whilst it may have been applicable back then, is neither relevant nor
who you are today.
If for example, your mathematics teacher told you that your addition skills were terrible, their words may well
have a commanding effect on your confidence levels when encountering anything to do with maths.

You are totally free to resolve or accept or discard any suggestion given by those people in your past and should
this reason it is highly recommended that you be mindful of what people say to you in your present about your
behaviour. Being vigilant to not accept somebody asked as opinion as a factual description of yourself as a great
way to build self-confidence.

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