What Others Think

What Others Think

People would like to reassure that they are not the only one who worries about what other people think of them.
They are confident that, more often than not, people want to be liked, respected, and appreciated by their peers
and elders.

It sounds to me that it is very important for people to be accepted by one peers, otherwise they would not have
written them. Perhaps this importance will lessen over time. In reference to their sense of humor, everybody has a
sense of humor of some kind. It takes all kinds of humor to make the world go round. Some people have a witty sense
of humor while others have a dry sense of humor. Regardless of what kind of sense of humor that people feel one
have, nurture it, build on it, and don’t let anybody, boyfriend included, try to tear it down or minimize its
importance to them.They agree that with long term friendship comes a certain comfort level.

Remember that, even with that comfort level, one has to read each person and each relationship before
venturing into the joke telling and physical touching arena. People will be surprised how the people whom they
thought would be open to joke telling and playfulness take offense to it, while the people whom one think will be
offended are open to all kinds of playfulness. Also, just because somebody is uncomfortable with physical contact,
it does not necessarily mean they think any less of them. They may simply be uncomfortable within themselves.

People want to focus on the positive energy that they are getting from other. Life is too short to worry about
‘what others think of you. It might be helpful if people confide in their closest friend and ask him or her if, in
their opinion, they are being offensive if any way.

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